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Buildbooster is revolutionizing the lumberyard industry with cutting-edge technology, blending the power of AI and the convenience of the cloud to bring you the most advanced Point-of-Sale and Estimation software.
Get the advantages of real-time data access, advanced analytics, and automation, enabling the business to optimize operations.

Lumberyard Estimator

Streamline project cost calculations, ensuring accurate and efficient budgeting for construction and engineering endeavors.

Inventory Management

Real-time tracking of lumber and building materials, with cloud-based data storage for easy access.

Reporting and Analytics

AI-generated reports and dashboards for deep insights into sales, inventory turnover, and customer behavior.

Data Security & Technology

Robust security measures to protect sensitive data, with compliance to industry standards and regulations.

Sales Predictions

Predictive analytics to anticipate customer demand based on historical data and external factors like weather and construction trends.

Accounting Software Integration

Seamless integration with accounting software to automate financial processes, reducing manual data entry.

Mobile Access

Centralized system for managing multiple lumberyard locations efficiently and effectively.

AI and Cloud Technology

Get the advantages of real-time data access, advanced analytics, and automation, enabling the business to optimize operations.

About Gary

Gary Thompson’s narrative in the Lumber and Building Materials (LBM) industry is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. From humble beginnings to becoming a luminary in the sector, Gary’s journey has been characterized by his profound understanding of the industry and his passion for delivering unparalleled service.

Gary developed an early fascination with the intricate world of lumber and construction materials. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a specialization in Retail Management, Gary ventured into the LBM realm equipped with both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. He embarked on his professional journey by working in various capacities within renowned LBM retail, swiftly rising through the ranks due to his exceptional grasp of industry trends and his innate ability to forge strong relationships with suppliers and customers alike.

Fuelled by an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision for redefining customer experiences in the LBM landscape, Gary took the bold step of establishing his own LBM store. His store swiftly gained acclaim for its comprehensive inventory, top-notch quality products, and a customer-centric approach that went beyond mere transactions to foster enduring relationships.

Under Gary’s astute leadership, the store evolved into a hub where builders, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts converged to access expert advice, premium materials, and innovative solutions for their projects. His emphasis on staff training and product knowledge ensured that his team became trusted advisors, offering tailored recommendations and guidance to every customer that walked through the doors.

Driven by a desire to extend his impact beyond the confines of his store, Gary transitioned into consultancy, leveraging his years of hands-on experience and profound insights into the industry. As a consultant, he became known for his ability to analyze complex business structures, streamline operations, and optimize inventory management for LBM businesses seeking growth and efficiency.

Gary’s consultancy services were sought after for their practicality and efficacy. His strategic guidance and implementation of technology-driven solutions significantly enhanced the performance of numerous LBM businesses, earning him a reputation as a trusted advisor and industry expert.

Outside his professional endeavors, Gary remained dedicated to community engagement, supporting vocational training programs, sponsoring local building projects, and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs in the LBM industry.

Gary Thompson’s legacy in the LBM sector stands as a testament to his visionary leadership, unwavering dedication, and commitment to raising industry standards. His journey to a revered LBM store owner and consultant continues to inspire and shape the future of the industry.

Our customer service defines us

At Buildbooster, we are pioneers in the world of Lumberyard Point-of-Sale and Estimation software solutions. As a forward-thinking company, we’ve set out to redefine how lumberyards operate, leveraging technology to transform traditional practices into cutting-edge, efficient, and user-friendly processes.

Hundreds of lumberyards in the mid-west have transformed their businesses using Buildbooster.


“Would not just recommend this program to anyone, I would tell them its a must have! It is very easy to learn and use, and its doing way more than expected.”
Larry, MN
“It has been so busy this year. The time saving from Build Booster helps me get my quotes done fast and I get more sales because of that. Totally worth it"
Josh, ND
“I was able to do an estimate the first day I got it - very friendly. My staff no training and experience can use it with out any training.”
Joe, MN
“Saves a lot of time especially at billing time.”
Chris, IA
“I use the Estimating all the time for quick turnaround time."
Kyle, MN
“Does everything I need to do my daily Business.”
Ben, WI
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Buildbooster is a modern Estimation & Point of Sale Software for lumberyards and hardware stores. It combines the benefits of cloud technology and artificial intelligence to enhance efficiency, customer service, and data-driven decision-making.

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