About Us

Estimation Platform for Building materials

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Construction is complex. Quotation shouldn’t be.

We have built BuildBooster cloud with one objective: to unite remarkable customer experience with deep product expertise. To help you quote and sell. 

You can sell a lot more jobs by quickly creating very accurate and detailed estimates.

Why BuildBooster?

Construction projects are complex, with a lot of moving parts, and inaccuracy can mean going over budget by thousands. In addition, you have to factor in that customers can make changes even after you’ve started, and if you haven’t budgeted well, then you may come into some major troubles. However, there is a way to control your costs and end a project with profit. That’s why when creating your estimation, you need to have it right from the beginning. You can’t change your budget midway because you will just be digging yourself a big hole. By achieving success the first time, you can witness profits and not run into the red.

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Our Mission

Our customers are at different stages on their digitalization journey. But they are all facing similar challenges of increasing competition, rising customer expectations, and increasing profitability pressure. Our mission is to help them simplify, then accelerate their progress to digital maturity.

The BuildBooster Estimation Platform is designed to streamline quotation processes, help win more deals, and increase competitiveness for organizations competing in the building materials industry.

Our Values

We are Seamless

We are continuously improving our cloud-based digital estimation platform, allowing our customers and their customers to work seamlessly, unbounded by legacy systems.

Construction expertise is at our core

Our platform is underpinned by our expertise in construction industry. We use technology to deliver seamless experiences and consistent wins for building material vendors and their customers.

Empathy drives us to excel

We truly understand our clients’ pain points and are here to solve their problems. Customer excellence is not just a buzzword for us but a value that drives all our efforts.

A foundation for a strong culture

Three-pronged, the BuildBooster Way framework is reflected in an entrepreneurial spirit and our ability to achieve together and champion our customers. These values are both operational and aspirational, helping to guide colleague behaviors both inside and outside of BuildBooster
What can BuildBooster do for your business?
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Reduce Costs

"I use the estimator for all my projects, and I like it. Also the team has been very helpful when I had questions, or wanted them to change things."

Gain a Competitive Advantage

"Not only is your system you created great, but your customer service is very easy to use. You are there when I call with questions."

Improve Your Sales Efficiency

Find out how you can simplify sales and watch your conversions soar by reimagining an effective quotation process. Happy sales teams, happy customers.

Increase Your Revenue

Put the right offers in front of the right audience, at the right time. Engineer your growth by focusing on your quotation and sales management to yield higher results, day in, day out.