Make prioritizing your priority. And forecast what you need to know next.

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Lead your resources to where they’re needed most. Manage your funnel, prioritize opportunities and engage where sales reps can deliver the most value to your customers – and your business. With your pipeline under control, you can simply build forecasts and reports to make fast, informed decisions.

Digital document generation

With BuildBooster, build fully customized, personalized documents in a snap, whatever your industry, your role, or your use case. Automate your document processes and reduce errors for better customer communications.

Usage-based billing

Get ultimate pricing flexibility with built-in support for usage billing, combined recurring and one-time charges, mixed goods, and more
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Real-time reconciliation

Minimize delays in closing the books with a single revenue data model that lets you make painful reconciliations a thing of the past.
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Put your customer first in your marketing.

Inspire action and loyalty by humanizing every moment, for each customer. Power every interaction with AI from ad to account-based marketing, email to ecommerce, social to service, and more.

Streamline your business contracts

Contracts are necessary for business, but time-consuming to manage well. Thanks to BuildBooster CLM, businesses can optimize contract creation, review, and management. Templates and a clause library ensure compliant contracts.

Optimize your business.

As business leaders, it’s crucial that you can see how well your rebate programs are performing. With Rebate Management, you can scale incentive programs more efficiently and ensure they are mutually beneficial by analyzing program performance and interacting in real time.

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Stay organized and compliant

You can’t create innovative technology if your business is moving at a snail’s pace, or is exposed to risk. BuildBooster CLM empowers your organization to manage contracts effectively so you don’t waste more time on outdated contracting processes
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Meet Customers Anywhere

With customers more likely to buy products online it’s time manufacturers offer ways to share and sell their product portfolio online using self-service options for customers.
Collaborate seamlessly to build best-in-class customer solutions.

Get all necessary parties from different departments, regions, and countries at one digital table to create the most compelling manufacturing offers. Task management, automated workflows, approvals, and all technical tools are in one platform that helps you to work together and sell seamlessly. And don’t waste time doing it.

Goodbye to manual, slow, and reactive processes

If this is where you are starting out, you need to create a solid foundation. This means getting your business logic into a system. It needs to be controlled by the right team and be accessible to every group that needs access to it.