Solutions you can tailor
to your business

The BuildBooster gives you the power to transform commercial operations for agility and better business outcomes. Businesses can tailor our solutions to their specific needs, allowing them to simplify and automate their approach to the essential quotes, contracts, and documents that drive commerce.

Make it easy for your customer at every step of the buying journey.

With a few clicks you can build the best offers from standard solutions to lot size 1. Automated rules and constraints produce 100% accurate offers, whether that’s packing raw material or in the high-tech space. Become the manufacturer that’s easy to buy from, earn the trust of your customers, and be the one they continually come back to.

When work flows, revenue grows.

Together, BuildBooster are transforming work with a single place for all your apps, data, alerts, and conversations, from internal teammates to external partners and customers.

Make virtual your new normal

Adapt to today’s online world and stay connected. Arm your team with easy-to-use apps for virtual selling, enablement, forecasting, and planning — regardless of their location
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Grow revenue with confidence.

Getting back to growth may be easier than you think — no matter your company’s size, industry, or geography. You can increase rep productivity and grow revenue by putting all your  activities on a single platform.

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Build end-to-end engagement from anywhere

Get everything — and every expert — you need, all in one place. Provide industry-leading support. Solve problems fast. And give your customers an all-digital, end-to-end experience they will love with BuildBooster Cloud.

Partner, Dealer and Distributor Portal

Imagine running your partner, dealer and distributor sales all on the one platform. Now you can offer each party accurate prices, dealer discounts and latest promotions. Partners have the latest innovations right in front of them to act on behalf of their clients.

Quickly create up-to-the-minute quotes.

Track which products are part of your deal, including quantity, standard price, quoted price, and product codes. Set up revenue and quantity schedules to mirror payment and delivery terms.
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Keep deals moving forward with automatic approvals.

Automate approval processes for any business requests, including deal discount approvals, travel, and expense reports. Address requests that require manual approval rules directly in Chatter or via email.
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Track marketing campaigns across all channels.

Be a successful lead tracker from capture to close. You’ll be able to manage and track campaigns across all channels, including social media. This will help you make smarter decisions about where to invest, and show the impact of your marketing activities on your pipeline.

How to achieve business agility and optimization

You’ve transformed many of the complex, interconnected systems that make your enterprise run. But commercial operations transformation is a process that never ends. There are always new technologies and approaches to take into account. Time to focus on continually improvement using business intelligence.

Mass-produce your wins to grow revenue.

Yield more revenue from what you already have to offer with a focus on better deals and greater wins. Expand into new channels, markets, and regions — because when your operations can scale, your salesforce and partners can sell at their best.