Shorten your sales cycle, send quick estimates to your potential customers and increase sales.

Double your winning bids with precision estimates

Bid on more projects per month with the only end-to-end estimating platform. Takeoffs, cost data, proposals, on-demand estimators – we’ve got you covered.

Build a smarter sales team.

Give your sales team access to the estimation tools they need to satisfy their customers and win more jobs. There’s more to winning projects than price. Markets are more competitive than ever and BuildBooster estimating platform gives you the tools to solidly connect with customers when it matters most.

Our Commitment.

As a team, we are dedicated to making BuildBooster the best possible solution building material estimation. Not sure if BuildBooster is right for you? Chances are it is flexible and powerful enough that it will do whatever you need and most likely exceed your expectations.

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Improve your numbers with BuildBooster's End-to-End Estimating platform.

BuildBooster provides a complete cost estimating solution to help you win bids and grow your business: best-in-class estimating technology, integrated cost data, and a faster way to quote. 

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Grow your business

Double the number of bids submitted with the only platform that combines everything you need for cost estimation. Get in, finish your estimates, and get back to work.

Use BuildBooster To Win More Jobs.

BuildBooster brings together data from anywhere to empower the people everywhere.

BuildBooster is very easy to use and provides many features such as preloaded catalogs, product prices, adjust margin etc. that can be used to win jobs. Create more accurate cost estimates in less time while increasing your quote-to-win ratio with the quick, accurate and competitive quotes.

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BuildBooster Search Dictionaries

Never miss a search term again. BuildBooster Search Dictionaries consume all site searches to reveal popular terms that are not currently in your dictionaries. Algorithms then recommend an appropriate synonym list, guaranteeing relevant search results every single time. 

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Let the experts estimate for you

Bidding a complex job? Out of time? Our expert estimators are ready to prepare your takeoffs and bids for you. It’s like having another estimator to your team at a click of a button.

Make it easy for your customer at every step of the buying journey.

With a few clicks you can create detailed and accurate quotes. Become the store that’s easy to buy from, earn the trust of your customers, and be the one they continually come back to.

Adapt better with data-based decisions

When there’s total access to data, that drives intelligence. Decisions are made based on it, rather than on someone’s opinion. This allows your organization to become more proactive, and even able to predict the future state. This is where your company becomes more agile and able to adapt to change.