3rd Party Integrations for Pricing

Integrate with 3rd party applications to keep prices up-to-date.

Unify contracts and processes

BuildBooster’s contract management solutions connect every step in the contract lifecycle, from request to renewal. Better automation equals greater transparency, plus integrations to other systems make contracting even more seamless.

Customized Pricing plans

Give customers a seamless experience with automated billing and invoicing management from BuildBooster. Bill for any business model, including physical goods, subscription and services, and usage-based services.

Multi-channel promotions

Manage the entire promotions process with BuildBooster Promotions. Launch effective promotional programs across all your sales channels by finding the right mix of incentives to positively influence buying behavior.
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A superior customer experience

Through seamless billing, delivery, and promotions processes, BuildBooster’s revenue management solutions help ensure customers maintain a positive impression of your business long after the sale closes.

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Beef up your customers’ experience, end-to-end

Customers expect a positive experience to last well beyond the point of purchase. Revenue management tools can help manage with processes for billing, order management, and promotions so your customers can enjoy a seamless experience, end-to-end, and your users will spend less time managing those processes.

Synchronize customer data.

Empower agents with real-time customer profile, order, and purchasing data updated across Service Cloud and Commerce Cloud.

Engage where your customers want to.

Drive conversations with customer on their preferred channel, whether it’s mobile, social media, or through chat services.

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Personalize your email campaigns.

Personalize engagement based on past purchases with automated emails based on account creation, password reset, and order confirmation.

Make it easy for your customer at every step of the buying journey.

With a few clicks you can build the best offers from standard solutions to lot size 1. Automated rules and constraints produce 100% accurate offers, whether that’s packing raw material or in the high-tech space. Become the manufacturer that’s easy to buy from, earn the trust of your customers, and be the one they continually come back to.

Grow your share-of-wallet with intelligent up- and cross-selling.

With a 360 view, you’ll better understand purchase behavior and can follow up with products to complement their next buy. Create opportunities at every customer touchpoint, whether that’s via direct sales, partner-driven sales, when ordering spare parts, or configuring their next planned purchase.