Manage trade promotions.

Ensure trade promotion effectiveness with performance insights and fund management visibility.

Win more profitable deals with prioritization and transparency.

Transparency across the sales pipeline lets your salesforce identify what needs attention at a glance. In minutes your team can build customer solutions, simulate costs, apply global pricing and calculate margins to the cent. Prioritizing opportunities highlights the most profitable deals, greatest wins, and the customers with the highest potential to build long-term relationships with.

When work flows, satisfaction grows.

Together, BuildBooster are transforming the future of customer service, uniting your entire support team with the apps, experts, and data they need to solve problems — faster than ever before.

Add in integration to harmonize your teams

To bring the advantages of what you’ve achieved to everyone in your organization, you need to integrate your systems.
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100% Quote and Configuration Accuracy

Create 100% customized quotes in minutes instead of days using BuildBooster
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Time to build on your transformation success

You’re already in the process of transforming your commercial operations, but there’s always more that can be done. You’re looking to build on the gains you’ve made with the projects you have under your belt, to integrate more and compound your progress. What’s the best approach to keep moving?

Connect the Consumer Experience

Build smarter, personalized engagements at scale with AI-powered insights. Offer seamless experiences, relevant messages, and integrated customer support to delight consumers and win loyalty.

Integrate the Route to Market

Grow your business by collaborating with your partners using best-in-class digital tools. Integrate planning and strategic budgeting while optimizing field rep efficiency and in-store execution.

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Collect and Activate Consumer Data

Increase brand awareness and relevancy by building target audiences and delivering personalized messages at scale. Measure your marketing ROI and make your budget work for you.

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Win more deal mandates with client insights and built-in compliance.

Empower senior bankers, analysts, compliance managers, and group heads to drive deeper client relationships. Manage pipelines, collaborate efficiently across deal teams, leverage internal and third-party data, and ensure information is shared with the right people at the right time.

Deliver connected customer experiences from anywhere.

With Consumer Goods Cloud, account teams get a 360-degree view of customers to deliver integral B2B processes.

Streamline account planning.

Fuel alignment with real-time collaboration to streamline sales planning on a single platform.