Vendor Catalogs

Keep up-to-date vendor catalogs and forget asking for quotes for every project.

Accelerate growth from planning to execution.


Manufacturing Online Sales is now easier than ever

24/7 self-service access is now the expectation in business. Make it easy for customers to select from your catalog or 2D or 3D visualizations. Your online configurator lets customers explore on their own, or switch to Guided Selling. They can also request to have a sales rep assist. Once they’re ready to buy, they can check out online or send an inquiry for your sales team to finalise the deal.

Everything you need to sell faster and smarter.

BuildBooster Cloud’s key features focus on what matters most: growing relationships and closing deals — anytime, anywhere.

Streamline the sales process.

Your CRM solution should map to your sales management and business processes, not the other way around. Easily customize our app to reflect your sales and forecasting stages so you can drive process, productivity, and consistency the way you want.
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Quickly create up-to-the-minute quotes.

Track which products are part of your deal, including quantity, standard price, quoted price, and product codes. Set up revenue and quantity schedules to mirror payment and delivery terms.
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Adapt better with data-based decisions

When there’s total access to data, that drives intelligence. Decisions are made based on it, rather than on someone’s opinion. This allows your organization to become more proactive, and even able to predict the future state. This is where your company becomes more agile and able to adapt to change.

Supercharge Your Sales Pitch and Customer Experience

Slow quoting leads your customers to consider other options. No two customers are the same which requires customized solutions with low order quantity leading to challenging configuration process with thin margins. Combine that with different regulations and scarce resources across the globe, and this can easily lead to many costly errors.

Achieve mission goals faster.

Security and compliance on the BuildBooster Platform allows CISOs and security experts to demonstrate the value of a secure platform without impeding performance or speed. With a shared responsibility model, government organizations can focus on mission execution rather than data center and server maintenance.
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Don’t Keep Your Customers Waiting

Customer demands are higher than ever, they won’t tolerate mistakes anymore with so many ways to get their products. To prevent customers from choosing your competitors it’s time to give your sales teams a tool that fundamentally changes how they sell.
Partner, Dealer and Distributor Portal

Imagine running your partner, dealer and distributor sales all on the one platform. Now you can offer each party accurate prices, dealer discounts and latest promotions. Partners have the latest innovations right in front of them to act on behalf of their clients. Order tracking and registration of equipment is just a click away, while your partner managers maintain full control and transparency.

Mass-customize your buyers’ experience the smart way.

Create individualized offers and aftercare, no matter the complexity of your products, solutions, and service offerings. Backed by always up-to-date ERP data, every offer is 100% accurate and best priced. Online, offline, in 2D, 3D, or through your partners – you deliver better than your competition.